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Welcome to Vividh Indian Restaurant – A place where you can find the best Indian food in Perth.
Vividh – A Hindi word meaning diversity truly captures the essence of India. India is known for its diversity. The diversity and variety of food available in India is magnificent and promises a treat to your taste buds.

True to its name, Vividh brings you a large variety of Indian vegetarian fast food and main meals. A lot of the Indian fast food comes from the streets of India. Commonly known as the street food, it varies across the length and breadth of the country bringing you diverse tastes and experiences. Thriving to be the best Indian restaurant in Perth, we endeavour to create as wholesome an experience for you as you would get on the streets of India. While the tasty food leaves your senses full and satisfied, the presentation gives you an experience of a lifetime. Bringing the charm of the Indian street food in Perth, we promise health, taste, delish, and experience.

Vividh Indian Fastfood was dream project for Mitesh and his family. Vividh Indian fastfood is family Owned & Operated business and where FOOD IS THEIR PASSION. Kantikaka & Vijyamasi has been serving quality farshan and puris for pani-puri to Perth community since 2013. Mitesh from his 5 years of restaurant experience together with his parent’s quality food is now ready to serve Perth’s Best Indian fastfood experience. We believe in creating the ‘Indian experience with the Best Indian Street Food and Farsan’, which will re-kindle your memories of home. And even if you haven’t been to India, come and join us to experience how delicious Indian street food is!

While there is a lot of love for Indian food, a usually ignored fact is that the speciality of Indian food is the variety in its vegetarian options. While many individuals have relished meat dishes such as Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogan Josh and the like, the true taste of India is in its highly diverse vegetarian dishes. At Vividh, we pride ourselves in serving the best Indian food in Perth and the finest 100% vegetarian Indian delicacies. We also ensure that in our recipes, we do not use any ingredients which contain MSG, and pride ourselves in keeping our food natural.

The restaurant had modest beginnings in 2015, starting with a little space in Westminster, Perth. Our inspiration to grow comes from our love to cook and serve solid, Indian- roused food. Our energy to provide the best service and the best Indian food in Perth to you, gives us inspiration to innovate and bring you the essence of Indian food. Our motto is to be the best Indian fast-food restaurant in Perth. A family owned and operated Indian restaurant in Perth’s North of the river, Vividh operates with the love to cook, feed, and serve delicious food and make it an experience of a lifetime!

Vividh was envisioned to be different. Our explicit expectation with the restaurant was to make it a destination for people to feel special. In contrast to other Indian eateries, Vividh aims to serve the best Indian street food in Perth with an interior complementing our food and taking you to the streets of India.

Our menu highlights a wide range of Indian fast-food options along with a large variety of main dishes that any vegetarian restaurants in Perth may offer. It has food options for people from all age groups. Over the years people have chosen us for being the Best Indian vegetarian restaurant in Perth, and we will continue to serve the best Indian food in Perth.

Make Vividh your first choice as we truly believe that food is not just about feeding your stomach but your senses!


We are one of Perth's very few catering specialists offering "Shudh" vegetarian fare with the utmost emphasis on the taste, variety and quality.

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