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Vividh Indian Restaurant

Vividh Indian Restaurant is conveniently located in the Perth, a secluded place to enjoy a meal away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We offer contemporary interpretations of classic Indian dishes in a modern exclusive setting with pleasant service. We are the best Indian food Dine-in / Takeaway in Perth city, Whether it’s dinner for two or larger gatherings for celebrations and events, Vividh Indian Restaurant is sure to please you with best Indian food in Perth that is easy not just to satisfy your taste buds but to provide you memorable moments with your special friends and family with your heavenly set and warm and pleasant services.

Discover the authentic taste of Indian Street Food at Vividh Indian Restaurant

Food is an integral part of Indian culture and heritage. The signature menu at Vividh Indian Restaurant with an extensive selection of dishes  include Indian Fast food which will leave no stone unturned to achieve customer satisfaction to put everything on our menu is crafted with high-quality ingredients and in-house chefs who take great care of purity and cleanliness. Vividh Indian Restaurant always ready to assist you in planning a banquet of all sizes, and would suggest choosing recipes to meet the needs of our guests.

A Restaurant for complete ethnic & pure vegetarian family

We take the opportunity to welcome you to Vividh Indian Restaurant – Best Indian restaurant in Perth a Indian food restaurant in a lively ambiance. We offer a royal choice of cuisine: Indian fast-food and  Indo-Chinese. All the items on the menu have been selected with all care, so as to offer variety and satisfaction for kind of taste. Enjoy the ambiance that will enrich your appetite, dine on delicious meals, and taste the unique Vividh Restaurant experience.


Our Story

Vividh Indian Fastfood was dream project for Mitesh and his family. Vividh Indian fastfood is family Owned & Operated business and where FOOD IS THEIR PASSION. Kantikaka & Vijyamasi has been serving quality farshan and puris for pani-puri to Perth community since 2013. Mitesh from his 5 years of restaurant experience together with his parent’s quality food is now ready to serve Perth’s Best Indian fastfood experience. We believe in creating the ‘Indian experience with the Best Indian Street Food and Farsan’, which will re-kindle your memories of home. And even if you haven’t been to India, come and join us to experience how delicious Indian street food is! Read More

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    We are one of Perth's very few catering specialists offering "Shudh" vegetarian fare with the utmost emphasis on the taste, variety and quality.


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